4 Seattle Seahawks players that could be replaced in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Player No. 2: (Former?) Seahawks nose tackle Poona Ford

Ford, of course, is a free agent still. The fact he is begs one to ask if maybe the Seahawks overpaid for Ford in 2022 as Ford made $8,325,000. That was far too much to pay for a player who had just 35 tackles, 3 sacks, and 6 tackles for loss last season and was very inconsistent. Maybe Ford played a bit out of position last year, but no matter what, he wasn't very good.

Seattle was the team that took a chance on Ford out of college, after all. Because of his relative lack of height (Ford is a nose tackle who is just 5'11"), teams didn't want to draft him. Seattle signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2018 and Ford has mostly been good. In fact, he has probably been good enough where a team should have drafted him around the third round or so.

But maybe Seattle is still one of the few teams that would like to have Ford. He could return to the Seahawks and move back to a nose tackle role but at a salary greatly reduced from 2022. That would be good for Seattle because Ford is probably better at the nose with players like Jarran Reed and Dre Jones on either side of him, but may not be great for a player trying to get paid.

Or John Schneider and Pete Carroll might have looked at the 2022 version of the interior defensive line and thought, "We don't really want nearly any of these players back!" That might be the case as Al Woods is gone and currently so is Ford. Only Myles Adams is set to return and might get some playing time. Ideally, Baylor's Siaki Ika is around at pick 20 and Seattle takes him and replaces Ford with him.