4 Seattle Seahawks players that could be replaced in the 2023 NFL Draft

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The Seattle Seahawks have two first-round picks currently in the 2023 NFL as well as two second-round choices. That is a lot of high draft capital in which to take high-end talent that eventually turns into (hopefully) high-end production. And while Seattle does still have positions to address to fix some issues, the 2023 NFL draft that could result in Seattle replacing some key current players.

This would mean Seattle taking players who don't just fix current needs (at linebacker and the interior of the defensive line, to name two) but that might be long-term pieces at position of less need. For instance, while I don't have Tyler Lockett on the list that follows, Lockett is in his early 30s now and receivers don't usually remain ultra-productive far past his age. Seattle might take a receiver high in the draft to be decent in 2023 but with the idea to eventually replace Lockett.

This could mean instead of taking an edge rusher like Lukas Van Ness at pick 20, Seattle takes a receiver like Jalin Hyatt. Or instead of taking Jalen Carter, Seattle goes with Bijan Robinson. Anything and everything can happen in a Seahawks draft, but the four players that follow could be replaced with picks in the 2023 version of Seattle's draft.

Player No. 1: Seahawks cornerback Mike Jackson

Jackson is an interesting player because while he was greatly overshadowed by cornerback Tariq Woolen (as he should have been) in 2022, Jackson was still pretty good on his own. He started 17 games, had 12 passes defended, had an interception, two fumble recoveries, 75 tackles, and had a quarterback rating allowed of just 75.1. Those are good numbers, especially for a cornerback who had not started at all in the NFL until 2022.

Jackson is also a good tackler. His ability to tackle was also overshadowed by his teammates in 2022 because the Seahawks' defense overall was so bad at tackling that it seemed no one could do it. But Jackson missed just 7.4 percent of his tackle attempts last season and that is a solid number for a cornerback.

Still, the question remains whether the 26-year-old cornerback is really the long-term answer at who starts opposite Woolen in Seattle. If Seattle were to draft Joey Porter, Jr. or Christian Gonzalez it would not be surprising. Heck, even Seattle taking Gonzalez at pick 5 overall would not be shocking because, as I said, this is a Seahawks draft.