5 Seattle Seahawks playing for their jobs at training camp

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Seahawks cornerback Tre Brown

Speaking of Tre Brown, he has shown promise at times but has struggled with injuries as well. Of a possible 33 games, Brown has played just 11 for Seattle. He started three games for Seattle in 2021 and looked like he could potentially be a long-term starter but then a Week 11 knee injury against the Cardinals cost him the rest of the season. Brown didn't return until Week 12 of 2022 and wasn't nearly as good as the previous season.

In 2021, Brown's quarterback rating allowed was just 63.3. Last year, that jumped to 118.7 which is awful. Of course, some of that was due to Brown seeing only three targets against as he didn't get much playing time. This was due to the successes Seattle got from 2022 draft pick Tariq Woolen and veteran Michael Jackson. Brown just didn't have a spot to play when he returned.

But things are even worse for Brown in 2023. Not only do Jackson and Woolen return, but the Seahawks also drafted Devon Witherspoon. Brown also doesn't have a home in the slot even if he could play that. Coby Bryant wasn't terrible in 2022 and, if needed, free agent acquisition Julian Love can move down from his safety spot and play nickel.

Seattle would also create $600,000 of space by releasing Brown. Again, not that much money, but Seattle can use all the space it can get.