5 Seattle Seahawks playing for their jobs at training camp

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Seahawks linebacker Devin Bush

Why do I have Bush on here? He seems a lock to start beside Bobby Wagner at inside linebacker, right? But Bush kind of washed out in Pittsburgh and maybe Seattle simply hasn't learned why yet. We can assume Bush won't be good in coverage (he never has) and also won't do much in terms of pass rush. It would be nice if Seattle can be a bit more creative in terms of blitzes from its linebackers, but with Bush that might be out of the question.

Bush is a great tackler, though (he missed only 1.2 percent of his attempts in 2022), and Seattle clearly had an issue with missed tackles last season. Bush, and Wagner too to some extent, were brought in to fix that problem. But while Wagner is more versatile than Bush even though Wagner is many years older than Bush, Bush is a fairly limited player.

I assume Bush is going to make the roster and be a starter. But what if he simply doesn't show the kind of in-game speed Seattle hopes he has and what if he misses tackles in training camp and preseason? And what if Jordyn Brooks looks ready to come back a lot sooner than people originally expected?

Releasing Bush would cost Seattle $2.9 million in dead cap and Seattle would only save $600,000 by cutting him. But Seattle also didn't give Bush more than a one-year deal so they aren't truly bought in yet for the long term with the linebacker. If Bush doesn't seem to be the player that the Seahawks got when they signed him, they could release him and pick up a veteran from another team after final cuts are made prior to Week 1.