Seattle Seahawks podcast: Breaking down winners and losers from preseason Week 1

The Seattle Seahawks won their first preseason game of 2023, but a few specific players were the real winners.
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Jake Bobo, Seattle Seahawks receiving superstar, played really well in Seattle's first preseason game of 2023. The undrafted free agent was just one of several Seahawks trying to make the 53-man roster for this year who did well against the Vikings. But some Seattle players didn't, unfortunately.

On this week's podcast (see below for how to listen!) we discuss why the preseason game was important for some, but that is the only way the game really matters. But it matters because of that. You get the picture, right?

Anyway, we also discuss Drew Lock and what would worry us if he became a full-time starter. And which Seattle play recently made a position change that excites us? We reveal all (so thanks for listening).

Seahawks podcast: The whole world needs more Bobo!

There is also lots of fantastic and chaos-altering talk throughout the episode about other items, too. For example, the Los Angeles Dodgers did a very good thing to help someone. But what was it? Also, what sandwiches go best with which lemonade? (OK, I made that up. We don't discuss that, but we should have!)

You most definitely want to hear this week’s Rob Gordons which ended up being two different movie lists of movies that were remade. Or were not remade. It will all make sense once you listen to the program, I promise.

If you want to have the people you live across the street from listen to the show while they are trying to mow their line in a weird zig-zag pattern, you can download the podcast for later listening on their personal listening device. That way you can make sure the podcast seems as fresh as newly cut grass. That's a lovely smell! (The grass, not the podcast.)

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