Seattle Seahawks podcast: Reviewing a Week 2 victory and previewing Week 3

Yay! The Seahawks won in Week 2, but will they win again in Week 3?
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The Seattle Seahawks won in Week 2! Yay! After what felt like a lost season already, the team beat a good Lions team in Detroit to keep 2023 hopes alive.

Of course, thinking the season was over after a Week 1 loss to the Los Angeles Rams was an overreaction by some, of course. And we have the right to overreact as fans because that's partly what being a fan is about. We cheer for things we have zero control over. Weird, right?

On this week's podcast, we discuss what led to Seattle's Week 2 victory. Do we know what we are talking about? You will have to be the judge of that.

Seahawks podcast: A win in Week 2 feels pretty good!

There is also lots of discussion about what else happened around the NFL. There were lots of key injuries, unfortunately. But were there any surprise victories? Also, the founder of Rolling Stone magazine said what exactly? And what's happening between India and Russia?

You probably want to hear this week’s Rob Gordons which are the five best hotels in Tampa to stay on a budget. No, that's not it. Well, you will just have to tune in to the podcast to see what the actual Rob Gordons are.

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