3 ridiculous things that happened in the Seattle Seahawks Week 2 victory

Seattle defeated the Detroit Lions in Week 2 to move to 1-1.
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The Seattle Seahawks moved to 1-1 with a Week 2 victory over the Detroit Lions. Seattle won the game 37-31 in overtime. Now, 12s can breathe a little easier knowing their favorite team isn't already out of the playoff picture.

Seattle has two winnable games in the next two weeks as well. Seattle plays the likely 0-2 Carolina Panthers in Week 3 at Lumen Field and then travels to play the New York Giants (who barely beat a bad Arizona Cardinals team in Week 2) in Week 4. That game will be on Monday Night Football.

Of course, as we all know, anything can happen in any given week in the NFL. Seattle has to continue to play better to keep winning. But getting back to Week 2, here are some weird or dumb things that happened.

Greg Olsen and Kevin Burkhardt shouldn't call Seahawks games

I know that Greg Olsen has had some critical things to say about the Seahawks offense in the one season (2020) he played for Seattle. Olsen only played in 11 games that season, and he started eight of them. It would also be his final year in the NFL before he got paid a bunch of money to move to the broadcast booth. And Olsen seems to be generally well-liked as a broadcaster, but he was horrible in Week 2 so one might wonder if he just really doesn't like the Seahawks.

His broadcast partner, Kevin Burkhardt, also was terrible. Instead of actually watching the game at times, Burkhardt just shilled for whatever product FOX wanted him to sell. After a play where Lions running back David Montgomery injured his leg, Burkhardt started talking about some product and then had to get help from Olsen on what happened to Montgomery. Nice job.

As far as Olsen, he said after Seahawks cornerback Tre Brown intercepted Lions QB Jared Goff that the throw was a bit behind the reciver but that he was "wide open" before that. Really? Brown just suddenly appeared? Brown was in the area and the throw wasn't that far off. On a third and short for the Seahawks in the third quarter at midfield with Seattle trailing, Olsen said that the down was "important." Let's state more of the obvious, shall we? But several times Olsen said Lions receivers were "wide open" when they were not (at least not when he was talking about specific plays).