4 position clashes to watch at Seattle Seahawks training camp in 2023

Seattle Seahawks training camp begins in full on July 26th.
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Seahawks cornerback - Devon Witherspoon vs. Mike Jackson

Eventually, Seattle's cornerback duo will be Tariq Woolen and Witherspoon. The slot corner could be Coby Bryant but he needs to show improvement in 2023. But to start this season, Witherspoon could be in a battle for Mike Jackson. Jackson was surprisingly very good last year in his first season with anyone giving him any kind of chance to prove he could be a solid NFL player.

Jackson allowed just 5.7 yards per target in 2022 and missed just 6 tackles while being in on a combined 75. While the Seahawks had a massive issue bringing opposing players to the ground last year, Jackson wasn't a part of that. He normally cleanly wrapped up and as the season wore on he was even more comfortable in deep coverage.

But Seattle didn't take Witherspoon fifth overall in the 2023 NFL draft to have him sit on the bench once real games begun. The Witherspoon versus Jackson battle is really one for who begins the season in 2023 and not who is starting in 2024. Honestly, it's a good problem for the Seahawks to have. Whoever doesn't start is going to be a quality backup to either Woolen or the other spot.

It should be noted as well that Jackson has reportedly had a fantastic offseason. He isn't going to go into training camp thinking he isn't going to be the starter. He showed last season that he is worthy of getting a bunch of reps. Maybe Seattle chooses Witherspoon over Jackson simply because the team needs to know if Witherspoon is ready to be a high-level player. But if Jackson outplays Witherspoon in training camp. Seattle won't be afraid to start Jackson in Week 1.