3 bold predictions for Seahawks CB Devon Witherspoon in training camp

The fifth overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft finally signed his contract on Friday.
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You can't really call the contract dispute between rookie cornerback Devon Witherspoon and the Seattle Seahawks a holdout on Witherspoon's part. The player never had a signed contract so there was nothing to hold out from. His agent and the team were just trying to finalize the details of his first NFL contract and now that's done.

Witherspoon was the last of the 2023 first-round draft picks to sign with the team that chose them. What that means in four or five years when the Seahawks are thinking of re-signing Witherspoon we will find out then, but for now, Witherspoon will definitely be in Seattle for at least the next four seasons.

But what should we expect from Witherspoon in his first NFL training camp when he faces a quarterback with a bunch of experienced and excellent receivers? Plus, can he play the run at an NFL level? Here are three predictions for Witherspoon in training camp.

Prediction No. 1: Devon Witherspoon will start slowly at Seahawks training camp

Witherspoon looked solid in mandatory minicamp, but training camp is a different breed. Every healthy player is taking part and trying to earn a roster spot. While Witherspoon will face receivers like DK metcalf and Tyler Lockett are probably going to get the best of him at times, Witherspoon should worry more about how his fellow cornerbacks look against those guys.

The bottom line is that Witherspoon isn't trying to make the team as a receiver, obviously. When comparing apples to apples, Witherspoon's main competition is Michael Jackson, Tre Brown, and Coby Bryant. So whether Witherspoon earns the starting spot in Week 1 will be determined by how he does against Geno Smith and his receivers versus how well the more veteran Jackson and Brown due.

Seattle has a good idea of what they are going to get from Jackson, who started 17 games at one corner spot in 2022, and Bryant, who was the start at nickel, last year. Witherspoon could be trying to beat out either player to begin with. This could cause Witherspoon to press some and a player that thinks too much is a player that reacts slowly.