3 bold predictions for Seahawks CB Devon Witherspoon in training camp

The fifth overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft finally signed his contract on Friday.
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Prediction No. 3: Devon Witherspoon will struggle in preseason game one and it's OK

While Witherspoon will probably take a couple of training camp practices to get used to Metcalf and Lockett, once he faces players on other teams it may take him another little bit of time to acclimate to them. It's important to remember when it comes to Witherspoon that while he was a long-term starter at the University of Illinois, he didn't become truly great in coverage until his final season. That means for three years, he was just decent.

Being decent at the college level doesn't equate to being decent at the NFL level, of course. If a player is just OK in college, they are likely to get destroyed in the NFL. The biggest concern about Witherspoon isn't that he could be good one day as a pro, but how long it will take him to get there. Seattle needs him to be good fairly quickly, but I am unsure he can do that.

This is one reason I think he struggles in his first preseason game. Maybe the Vikings won't play their starters very long in Seattle's first preseason game, but Minnesota does have a couple of very good receivers. Will their experience and quickness be difficult for Witherspoon at first? It would be for most rookies.

That said, I think if these two teams meet later in the season in the postseason, Witherspoon will be prepared for whatever the Vikings throw at him. Plus, perhaps the more interesting thing will be to see how well Witherspoon holds up in run support against a Vikings team that should be able to run the ball fairly well.