3 sleepers that could make the Seattle Seahawks roster in 2023

The Seahawks have several well-known players who should be stars, but some unknown guys might make the difference in 2023.
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The Seattle Seahawks have a talented roster. It is no longer as top-heavy as it was when Russell Wilson was the quarterback and Richard Sherman was the cornerback, but Seattle's depth might have more quality right now. We won't know for sure until we've seen how good this rookie class can be.

The first person on this list of sleepers who can actually make the 53-man roster was drafted in 2023, but he plays a spot where Seattle has definite starters so he will need to show he is versatile enough play elsewhere or on special teams. It might be a struggle to make the team, but if he does, he could make game-changing impacts.

As far as the other two players here, how they were added to the team might be a mark against them. At least, it would many teams. But this is the Seattle Seahawks and we know Pete Carroll isn't afraid to take chances on any player he thinks makes the team better. Possibly the three players that follow.

Seattle Seahawks safety Jerrick Reed II

On the latest podcast of the 12th Man Rising podcast, co-host Todd Vandenberg said he doesn't expect Reed to not only make the roster but to have enough of an impact in 2023 to help change the outcomes of a couple of games. And Vandenberg had a good reason for what he said. Reed might not be a first-round draft pick, but he plays with the kind of proverbial chip on his shoulder that many of the guys who made up the Legion of Boom played with.

Reed isn't big at about 5'9" and around 200 pounds, but he doesn't mind sticking his nose in where the football is and putting a wallop on an opposing player. One thing Reed will have to watch for is making sure he doesn't risk being injured when trying to prove he should be on the 2023 roster. He wants to hit people and hit people hard, but that is a bit refreshing as well. At the end of the day (to use a cliché), football is still a collision sport and not simply a contact one.

Reed has a lot of college experience to help him see things before they happen in training camp, though. He was a four-year starter. The Seahawks might have excellent depth at safety already, but Reed can at first help on special teams - just wait for this punishment he imposes - and then be a quality backup if Julian Love or Quandre Diggs gets hurt.