How the Seattle Seahawks could be sneaky players in a trade for Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor wants out of Indy so maybe the Seahawks should bring him to Seattle.
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Seattle Seahawks trading for Jonathan Taylor: The How

The Indianapolis Colts have never quite recovered from losing QB Andrew Luck. Since his retirement, they have been scrambling in an effort to retain a franchise quarterback. It started with veteran Phillip Rivers, who did lead them to the playoffs, but inevitability fell short. Then, it was a reunion between Carson Wentz and Frank Reich. Followed up by acquiring another aging veteran, Matt Ryan.

Now, for the first time since, the Colts may actually have found a replacement. With the 3rd pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, they selected QB Anthony Richardson, who has the highest upside of any quarterback selected in this draft. His physique and athleticism is not commonly found in NFL quarterbacks. While he is extremely raw and will go through growing pains, the Colts may finally have found their guy.

In fact, one could argue surrounding him with talent would make the most logical sense. Say, re-sign one of the top backs in the NFL in Jonathan Taylor? But, Jim Irsay has made it pretty clear that he doesn't want to pay him. In fact, Jim Irsay cares more about whales and guitars than surrounding his young franchise quarterback with talent. Enter, the Seattle Seahawks. A team with draft capital and young players who could be traded in return for Jonathan Taylor.

Seahawks/Colts Trade

Having two third rounders in the 2024 NFL Draft gives Seattle the flexibility the add one of them in the deal along with Zach Charbonnet, who will be on a cheap contract for the next 4 years. Not too mention the fact that he was arguably the best back in this previous draft class outside of Bijan Robinson. It's a win win for each side. The Colts add draft capital plus a young player who can contribute right away, while the Seahawks help reinforce their offensive identity in acquiring one of the best all-around backs in the NFL.