How the Seattle Seahawks could be sneaky players in a trade for Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor wants out of Indy so maybe the Seahawks should bring him to Seattle.
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Seattle Seahawks trading for Jonathan Taylor: The Why

There a couple reasons as to why the Seattle Seahawks should trade for Jonathan Taylor. But, the two that standout the most to me are because they can afford him and potentially extend him.

Taylor wants out of Indianapolis because of contractural disputes. The Seahawks not only have the assets to acquire him via trade, but the financials to keep him in Seattle for an extended period of time. Whether or not you agree with overpaying for running backs, Jonathan Taylor on this Seahawks offense would be scary. Especially, paired with Kenneth Walker. The both of them can help each other stay healthy by sharing the workload.

Which leads me to my next point. One of the questions surrounding the Seahawks is, can Geno replicate that success from last year? Seattle certainly believes so. Otherwise, they wouldn't have extended him. But, besides that, one way to help him duplicate that success is by putting him in a position to be successful. Already having Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf, the Seahawks added Jaxon Smith-Njigba (...and dare I say Jake Bobo?) in the draft. They drafted Charbonnet to be paired with Kenny Walker. Not to mention selecting two offensive linemen.

But, speaking of Geno's contract, if that gives you any cause for concern for wondering whether or not Seattle can extend Taylor, understand this. The Seahawks have an potential out after year 1 if Geno weren't to live up to their expectations. In the case he does, they can manipulate the cap to create more space. Furthermore, that might not even be a problem considering what Geno would be getting paid compared to other quarterbacks in the league. In addition to the fact of all the young talent on this team gives the Seahawks some flexibility.

It may be a long shot, but I think the Seahawks could be sneaky players in this whole thing. It is no secret that Pete Carroll wanted Jonathan Taylor coming out of college. In fact, I think Jonathan Taylor wanted Pete Carroll and the Seahawks to draft him. I will not be disappointed if this doesn't happen. But, given the Seahawks are always open to adding guys and being involved in this type of stuff, it would certainly make sense for them to make a splash to help bolster their roster in a wide-open NFC.

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