4 Seahawks spearheading Seattle's positive culture

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No. 2: Seattle Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett

No Seahawks player better personifies positive energy than Tyler Lockett. Lockett is a class individual on the field and makes humanity better when he is doing things away from football. He seems to have an ever-present smile on his face and life is likely simply better for Lockett's teammates when he is around them.

On the field, of course, Lockett has gone from a kick returner at the beginning of his career and made himself into one of the most productive receivers in the history of the Seahawks. He currently sits at number three on the all-time franchise list for receiving yards (7,100) and if he has even a bad year for him he will still surpass Brian Blades who is number two at 7,620 yards.

Lockett is also number three in career receptions with 533, but again, if he has an off-year he will likely still go past Blades (581) for second on the list. Lockett is already number two in touchdown catches with 54. While Lockett is very unlikely to ever catch up to the guy that is number one on all these lists, Steve Largent, number two in all of them is pretty great too. And we can assume that rookie receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba is going to be a good wideout in the NFL sooner than later because he has Lockett to help teach him how to be a pro.

Speaking of great, though, Lockett is just that off the field. Like Bellore and Diggs, Lockett was voted as a captain in 2022 because the players respect him. And how can one not respect a guy so full of positivity, but who also runs the Light It Up Foundation whose mission statement is, "Our mission is to implement and assist programs that target at-risk and disadvantaged youth and strongly focus on education, youth development, leadership, and growth in reading and community service."