4 Seahawks spearheading Seattle's positive culture

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No. 1: Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll has to be number one on this list, right? The franchise works because of Carroll's knowledge of football but also his ability to remain positive even though at times it seems to be off-putting for fans. Sometimes we want Carroll to be angry and yell, but he almost always seems to look on the brighter side of things.

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Carroll is by far the most successful coach in the history of the franchise. He's taken the team to the Super Bowl twice (one more than Mike Holmgren and two more, of course, than anyone else), and has more playoffs wins (10) than any other coach (Holmgren is second with 4), has the best winning-percentage (.612), the most wins (128 - 42 more than Holmgren who is second). And Carroll's teams have missed the playoffs just three times in his 13 seasons.

And while teams can be good simply because of the talent on the field, there is no way that a franchise is as successful as the Seahawks have been for more than a decade without the person leading the team being a monumental influence. Carroll famously allows players to be themselves believing that it makes the player better on the field too (and with the success Carroll has had, that philosophy is difficult to dispute). He also keeps faith in players, like when Jason Myers was struggling a bit in 2019, which in turn usually leads to a player's belief in themselves.

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The character Ted Lasso, noted for his undying positivity, is partly based on Pete Carroll. And Carroll's outlook isn't fake. Carroll believes in himself and in his system and in his players, and in return the players believe in him. And that just makes the team better.