This should be the Seattle Seahawks starting lineup in 2023

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The Seattle Seahawks have a talented roster but for everything to perfectly well in 2023, the players expected to start have to reach maximum production. It might be too much to ask in some cases for the rookies to earn spots right away. For instance, we know what Darrell Taylor can do, but he is also really inconsistent. Seattle needs Taylor to be more consistent and not need to be replaced by 2023 draft pick Derick Hall because Taylor isn't good enough.

Seattle's running back group is young but also seems to be potentially highly productive. But 12s have seen how much the running backs have gotten injured over the last several years. There appears to be a clear RB1 for the group, and it would be nice if that RB1 didn't miss any games for once.

So which players should start for Seattle this season? And I don't just mean Week 1; I mean the players that follow should start the majority of the games, if healthy. About that health part, though. Seattle is talented, but can be wrecked by injuries at key spots. So just putting this out there that that does not happen this year.

These are the players who should start for the Seattle Seahawks in 2023

Quarterback - Geno Smith

So, no-brainer here, right? Smith far exceeded expectations in 2022. While he slumped a bit on the second half of the season, one can argue it because he had so many of the running backs get hurt and that Seattle's defense was fairly awful for much of the year. Geno Smith had to try to overcome things that most quarterbacks on successful teams don't have to.

That said, the Seahawks defense should be better in 2023 and has more talent. There is more young depth at running back and every player is capable of being productive. If Geno Smith doesn't have to revert back to trying to overcome the rest of his team to defeat an opponent, he should be highly successful this year.