3 Seahawks takeaways from Madden 24 ratings reveal

Madden 24 ratings are out, but some Seahawks shouldn't be too happy with where they ended up.
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It’s a loaded wide receiver’s room

One of the most fun aspects about playing Madden with the Seattle Seahawks has been getting to cook teams with DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. For four years these two have been a perfect blend on the field and in the game to put up points. The respect for these two is apparent in Madden 24, as Lockett and Metcalf were the highest-rated players on the Seahawks roster. 

Tyler Lockett was given an 89 overall, good for 15th-best in the league at the position. With a 90 speed rating, a 95 agility rating, and 98 catch rating, Lockett is a machine that will get open and make the catch consistently. While those outside Seattle typically think of Metcalf as the #1 guy in Seattle, Madden got this one right.

The gap between Metcalf is minimal at best, with DK earning an 88 overall rating, good for 16th-best in the game. With a 95 speed, 94 acceleration, 91 catching ability, and a 94 spectacular catch ability, DK is going to be one of the best Madden athletes to play with. Is this the year DK makes the leap and becomes a top 5 guy at his position? The talent is there. 

Another reason why DK may make the leap is thanks to arguably the biggest steal in the draft, snagging the number 1 WR prospect in the draft when they selected Jaxon Smith-Njigba. The rookie, just like Witherspoon, was given a 78 overall rating. Equipped with a 94 agility rating, and a 92 change of direction rating, JSN could end up being an impossible stop in the slot, running slants and crossing routes over and over with success. 

Slinging the ball as the Seahawks in Madden should be a blast, with three great options.