3 Seahawks takeaways from Madden 24 ratings reveal

Madden 24 ratings are out, but some Seahawks shouldn't be too happy with where they ended up.
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Geno Smith ranked just right 

The Madden ratings reveal that I was most interested in seeing how Madden would rate Seahawks QB Geno Smith. Much to my surprise, they gave him an 81 overall rating and ranked him as the 12th-best quarterback in the league heading into the season. I’ll be honest, I don’t have too big of a quarrel with the decision. 

Geno consistently played like one of the best non-franchise quarterbacks in the league in 2022. There were times when he looked like a top 5 quarterback, and times when he looked average, but almost always was consistently really good. 

With accuracy ratings of 89 in the short, 84 in the medium, and 89 in the deep, Seahawks fans will have a fun time letting it fly to Metcalf and Lockett, or letting JSN embarrass slot CBs and safeties in the short range.

Personally, I think Geno is a better overall QB than a few of the guys rated ahead of him in Tua Tagovailoa, Kirk Cousins, and Dak Prescott, but I believe that is mostly to do with the fact that Geno doesn’t have a long track record of success while the others do, or have looked great when not concussed (stay healthy Tua). All in all, it's just another incredible reminder of how far Geno Smith has come, and the potential he and this team has going into 2023. 

If the potential returns of Adams, Jordyn Brooks (80 overall), and Bobby Wagner (89 overall) can help the defense be around average, this Seahawks team can be dangerous in Madden and in real life.

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