Top 3 things we learned from the Seattle Seahawks second preseason game

The Seahawks defeated the Cowboys in preseason Week 2.
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Seahawks WR Jake Bobo is the new Kasen Williams...or is he?

It seems the Seahawks do this every year. Every training camp, there seems to be an unsung wide receiver that makes incredible amounts of noise in the preseason. Sometimes they make the 53-man roster and become league mainstays. Other times, they get cut and we never hear from them again. Once upon a time, that was Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin. It was Kasen Williams and Jazz Ferguson. It was John Ursua, until it wasn't.

This year, his name is Jake Bobo. He's tall, he's supposed to be slow, and you could calculate the circumference of the sun with his catch radius. He doesn't look anything like a typical Seahawks receiver has looked like in the Pete Carroll era. He has more in common with Joe Jurevicius game-wise than anyone that's played for Seattle in the last 18 years.

And yet, as I ponder just how old that last sentence made me feel, one more name came to mind. Among the Doug Baldwins and Jermaine Kearses that largely went underappreciated by the larger sports landscape in those halcyon years, there was also Tanner McEvoy.

For those of you who don't spend half the day thinking about the most degenerate names to plug into Immaculate Grid like I do, McEvoy was another training camp standout with a huge frame, not a ton of speed, and usually-great hands. He was good enough to contribute meaningful snaps to Seattle's receiver corps for a couple years, even picking up a couple of regular-season TDs for a team that was still very good at the time.

Bobo has been every bit as good as Kasen Williams' legendary 2015, and unlike 2015, Seattle's receiver corps is a bit top-heavy at the moment. Unless Tyjon Lindsey or Matt Landers rack up 200 yards this coming week, it's hard to see a way Bobo doesn't make the opening day roster.