Top 3 things we learned from the Seattle Seahawks second preseason game

The Seahawks defeated the Cowboys in preseason Week 2.
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Holton Ahlers is very fun, and could be something with a good QB coach

It's been a while since anyone's even thought of a Seattle third-string QB, unless you're a USFL fan rediscovering the illusionist that is Alex McGough or you're like me and constantly wondered what Josh Portis might have done in a world where Russell Wilson didn't immediately take the NFC by storm.

But when's the last time you saw a left-handed, 240-pound mobile QB who can actually throw the ball a little bit? Yeah, I'm not sold on him as a viable NFL QB quite yet, but I already love him. The athleticism jumps off the screen when you watch him — he looks a little bit like Daunte Culpepper out there when he gets moving. We haven't seen him uncork a 70-yard bomb to Metcalf in stride yet, so I'll hold off on calling him a similar talent to Culpepper, but the kinds of raw tools he has are the kind you can't teach.

His lone TD throw to Matt Landers against Minnesota was, ahem, concerning. It was not a good process for an NFL QB in any way, shape, or form. But aside from that one wounded duck that just so happened to be a touchdown, Ahlers has looked good this preseason. He's football's version of Dan Vogelbach — he's got a few loud tools, might be something with the right coaching, and the most "vibes" player on a Seahawks team that exudes "vibes."

Do I think he's in Seattle's long-term plans at quarterback? Not at the moment. Should he be? Probably not without a bigger sample size of good footwork and decision-making. But he's here right now, and it will certainly be a long time before we see another player like him. And I choose to appreciate that while I can.