Three Studs and Duds from the Seahawks Week 2 victory over the Lions

Seattle moved to 1-1 in the 2023 season with a victory over Detroit. Here are some guys who stood out for Seattle.
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The NFL absolutely needs full-time officials, not these duds

As I said earlier, Geno Smith more than made up for his questionable decisions. And to be completely fair to him, only that last scramble - the one that resulted in something like a loss of 287 yards and a litter of puppies - could be called a dud play. So, maybe I'll go with two odd choices and a dud. Again, he more than made up for it in overtime.

In fact, Smith had to come through with some pretty special plays before that, thanks to the NFL officiating crew. Lee Vowell addressed this already, but there is no way that I can't include the most egregious stupidity I've ever seen from a zebra. Smith threw the ball deep, but there was some miscommunication on the play as no one was within sight of the ball. What's far more important is that there were no Lions within sight of Smith when he made the throw. Yet somehow, Smith was called for intentional grounding.

No, according to the NFL rule book - you know, the one that the league officials are supposed to study between teaching classes, taking depositions, or closing sales. You know, all those actual full-time real job duties they have. It's mind-boggling that a business that hauled in just under $12 billion - yes, with a "B" - still insists that part-timers can correctly manage their product. The fact that so many think the referee's response to Smith's complaint was hilarious, rather than absolutely atrocious, is simply ridiculous. Congratulations, Alex Kemp. You made it to YouTube. Now try doing your job.