Three Studs and Duds from the Seahawks Week 2 victory over the Lions

Seattle moved to 1-1 in the 2023 season with a victory over Detroit. Here are some guys who stood out for Seattle.
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Tyler Lockett owns the end zone

Let me begin with Mr. Lockett. He's an obvious choice, and not only because of his performance in this game. We expect Tyler Lockett to make plays like this. I'm not saying it's like, "Ho hum, yeah, cool catch bro, but we've seen that." Oh no, not at all. But what Lockett has accomplished is truly remarkable. He consistently makes the outstanding play into a routine play.

Versus the Lions, all he did was catch his first touchdown pass of the season at the back of the end zone with a defender draped over him. Oh, and he did the patented toe drag thing, of course. Yes, it was amazing, but we've seen Tyler Lockett do that, what, 40 times now? His second score was even better, though. For one, it was in overtime, and won the game, so there's that. But the fact that he had the awareness to reach the ball just across the pylon as he was being pushed out of bounds was remarkable.

Even better? The fact that after the game, he said he'd hear about it from the coaches, as the Seahawks receivers are specifically coached against that action. I think he probably got a pass on this one. Appreciate the greatness while it lasts, 12s. We're witnessing one of the best to ever play, not just for the Seahawks, but for the entire NFL.