Three Studs and Duds from the Seahawks Week 2 victory over the Lions

Seattle moved to 1-1 in the 2023 season with a victory over Detroit. Here are some guys who stood out for Seattle.
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Tre Brown, the stud of all studs

So yeah, Lockett was terrific. But we expect that, right? I don't think anyone expected Tre Brown to have the game he put up against the Lions. He simply wasn't very good against the Rams in week one. In his defense, very few Hawks were. With Devon Witherspoon on the field, Brown was relegated to the bench. But when Riq Woolen was knocked out of the game with an injury, Brown stepped in. And wow, did he ever step in.

The Seahawks had just scored on Lockett's first TD pass to take the lead in the fourth quarter. The Lions were moving the ball and were at their own 40-yard line. On first down, Tre Brown came streaking into the backfield and dropped Jared Goff for a five-yard loss. He had company back there, too, but it was Seattle's first sack of the day (and of the season, for that matter). So kudos to Brown for firing up the defense.

Apparently, Mr. Brown enjoyed his interaction with the opposition. He dialed it up a notch - okay, he dialed it up to 11 - on the very next play. He stepped in front of a pass intended for Josh Gibbs, and 40 yards later, it was 31-21, Seahawks. I'm not sure that his feet even touched the ground on that pick-six. I know you're feet were in the air, right, 12s? That was the Tre Brown we'd seen as a rookie in 2021 and throughout this preseason. Welcome back, sir.

What makes his play even more remarkable to me is this. You have to remember he was benched for a rookie. Yeah, sure, the guy was taken fifth in the draft, and he looked great in camp. But he's still a rookie. He missed practice time with an injury, he missed the first game. He'd even played the slot in a lot of those practices. So a lot of players might have thought, seriously? I've fought back to be here from my own injuries not once, but twice. And I have to sit for the rook? Again, that's my projection of what some players would have thought, not a quote from Brown.

What Tre Brown did was stay ready. When Woolen went down, Brown stepped in and played lights-out football. It was a stellar performance, and the very embodiment of Pete Carroll's constant mantra, Always Compete. There were a lot of great performances in this game, but for me, no one was a big stud in week two than Tre Brown.

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