Three things to watch for when Seahawks play the Vikings in preseason game 1

The Seahawks begin their 2023 preseason schedule by playing the Vikings on Thursday.
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Will Drew Lock look like he can run the Seahawks offense if needed?

Last preseason, Drew Lock looked pretty good in preseason. He committed a few more turnovers than he should have, but his arm strength was on full display and he led the team to several scoring drives. In fact, to be honest, he looked more electrifying than Geno Smith in last year's training camp. But fortunately for the team, the Seahawks coaching staff knew a lot more than we did (of course!) and Geno Smith was the starter last year.

Lock re-signed this offseason to back up Smith again. Smith said this was "bittersweet" and meant the statement in the best possible way. According to Smith, Drew Lock is good enough to be a starter in the NFL and his coming back to Seattle meant Lock wasn't going to start. Smith, though, played every down of every game last year so any team that might have had an idea about signing Lock in free agency would have no recent footage to view.

Expecting Smith to play every down again this year might be asking too much. Sure, that happens - Russell Wilson did that for nearly a decade in Seattle - but that situation is rare. Smith doesn't have to get injured for Lock to come in either. Maybe Seattle is blowing a team out and wants to get Lock some work.

Plus, everybody loves the back up quarterback, right? If Lock does play well again, that will give 12s something to talk about if Smith does have any dip in play in 2023. Lock isn't going to replace a healthy Smith, however. But let's hope Lock looks so good in the preseason that if he does have to replace Smith we would feel pretty good about that happening.

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