Seattle Seahawks toughest four game stretch in 2023 might be this

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The Seattle Seahawks 2023 schedule has been released and two things are very clear. One, 12s will, as always, be traveling all around the country and racking up lots of air miles. Secondly, if you really like your family a lot, this is not a great season to be a Seahawks fan.

Seattle will, like many teams, play on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, but Seattle will also play on Thanksgiving night. All your holidays are busy now, 12s. Make your plans and forewarn your family. You'll have stuff to do.

Seattle will also finish with four of their last six games on the road. They will play on back-to-back Thursdays in Weeks 12 and 13. Plus, Seattle will play in three prime-time games (Weeks 4, 12, and 13), but this is fewer than the glory days and only one is on a Sunday or Monday. But what is Seattle's toughest four-game stretch? Maybe the one that follows.

Seahawks toughest four-game stretch of 2023

Week 12 - Seahawks at home versus 49ers on Thanksgiving Day

Most of Seattle's schedule is sprinkled with good teams and then followed up by teams that aren't expected to be quite as good. But the stretch between Weeks 12 and 15 is potentially brutal and could make-or-break the Seahawks season. The string of games begins with Seattle eating some turkey and then playing football at Lumen Field (or just having a really late dinner).

The 2022 NFC West champion 49ers visit Seattle at 5:20 pm PT. This will be the first of two matchups between the teams favored to win the division in 2023. If Seattle plays as well as hoped prior to Week 12, they could actually be leading the division by the time San Francisco arrives. Plus, a win in Week 12, even as imposing as the next three games seem, could still put Seattle in excelent position for a playoff spot.