Think Seahawks trade for Jamal Adams was bad? The 49ers just said, "Hold my beer"

The Seahawks NFC rival might have set their franchise back by a couple of years by giving up on Trey Lance.
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Let's clear up some misconceptions about Jamal Adams

The second pillar is simply a matter of logic. Adams is still with the team. How exactly can you accurately gauge the final value of the trade while he's still playing? If Adams comes back to play 15 games, helps lead the Hawks deep into the playoffs, and wins Comeback Player of the Year, wouldn't that change your perception of the deal? I would hope so. Again, you can't judge the trade until the player has left the building.

Yes, Seattle gave up a lot in the trade. I wrote over a year ago that the Jets didn't exactly clean up on their end of the deal. I admit I was wrong on that, as guard Alijah Vera-Tucker graded out as the 16th-best in the league last year according to Pro Football Focus. It's worth noting that New York packaged Seattle's third-round pick plus that first-round pick to get him. Wide receiver Garrett Wilson won the Offensive Rookie of the Year award, although we all know who should have won. Still, as much as I like Bradley McDougald, he's already out of the league, and Seattle nabbed Coby Bryant in the deal as well. At worst, that's an even deal for Seattle.

For those who insist that Adams is a bad player, um...let me see, who's the current defensive coordinator for the Seahawks? Is it Ken Norton Jr., the guy who decided to cut Adams' blitzes from 98, when he set the NFL record for sacks by a defensive back with 9.5, to just 44? You remember Norton, the guy who never fielded a top-ten-ranked defense in his career. Adams was fine in pass defense in New York, posting passer ratings allowed of 74.7 and 75.2 in his last two seasons there.

No, he wasn't great in 2020, but he was much improved in 2021. I'll grant that his attempts to intercept the ball seem to be performed with greased oven mitts, but not everyone can be Quandre Diggs. Can you honestly say with a straight face that Adams and Bryant for Vera-Tucker and Wilson is a bad trade, let alone the worst in Seahawks history? If so, you need to watch more football and probably schedule some therapy sessions.