Think Seahawks trade for Jamal Adams was bad? The 49ers just said, "Hold my beer"

The Seahawks NFC rival might have set their franchise back by a couple of years by giving up on Trey Lance.
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Now for a really awful trade, look at the Niners and Trey Lance

Time to look at what constitutes a truly awful trade: Trey Lance and the San Francisco Forty Errors. Well maybe just two errors, but they're whoppers. I suppose I can't really call the last trade, sending Lance to the Cowboys for a fourth-round pick, an error. After all, they're salvaging something out of the disaster. Look at it this way - and as loyal 12s, of course. you're ready to mock the much-despised Niners - when you've decided that your one-time golden boy will sit behind Mr. Irrelevant and two-time washout Sam Darnold, getting a fourth-round pick for the equivalent of Holton Ahlers is a good deal. Frankly, I'd much rather have Ahlers than Lance, and I'm not sure why Dallas gave up that much for Lance.

Allow me to remind you that the 49ers traded their 2021, 2022, and 2023 first-round picks, along with their 2022 third-round pick for the right to move up to nab Lance with the third pick in the draft. As Jacob Camenker details for The Sporting News, only one of those picks really turned into much so far. But that number 12 pick wound up being Micah Parsons. Yes, I'll be eternally grateful we don't have to see that guy on the other side twice a year. Guard Cole Strange and linebacker Channing Tindall didn't exactly turn in superstar performances as 2022 rookies, but the Niners could have turned those picks into, oh, Kenneth Walker II and Coby Bryant instead.

As for the 2023 first-rounder they traded away, the Saints drafted defensive tackle Bryan Bresee. San Francisco may have been happy with him, but they also could have drafted Derick Hall there. Frankly, I'm glad our guys are all in Seattle, instead of that hell pit to the south. Okay, so I don't really hate the Niners or San Francisco. It's a beautiful city, even if it costs $17 for an Egg McMuffin. As for their football team, well, at least their not the Patriots. A little friendly sports rivalry- smack talk included - is good for the soul.

So the 49ers spent not two, but three first-round picks - and a third-rounder, remember - for four starts, 797 yards passing, five touchdowns, and three interceptions over two years. Yes, he was injured after just two games last year, but there's a very good reason his injury situation isn't comparable to that of Adams. Lance was awful in the two games he played in 2020. From 2021 to 2022, his completion percentage dropped from 57.7 to 48.4, his touchdowns from seven to zero, while his percentage of bad throws climbed from 18.8 to 33.3 percent. Had he only missed three or four games, there's no way we would have gotten the job back from Brock Purdy, or even Jimmy G.

Hey, I'll admit Brock Purdy is a pretty darn good quarterback. But how bad do you have to be when your organization invested 3.3 metric tons of draft capital in you, and you can't beat out a guy who's with his third team in six years? Something tells me Trey Lance would be lucky to be the new Sam Darnold - except the Jets didn't give up three first-round picks to get Darnold. So, tell me again how the Jamal Adams trade was so bad.

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