Top 3 reasons why Seattle Seahawks could underperform in 2023

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Reasons Seahawks underperform in 2023 No. 2: Can't stop the run

I don't agree with the theory that the Seahawks didn't do much this offseason to address the issue they had in 2022 when it came to stopping the run. Sure, they didn't take defensive tackles high in the draft, but they signed Jarran Reed and Dre'Mont Jones in free agency. The team also added run stopping linebackers Bobby Wagner and Devin Bush in free agency. Heck, Seattle even signed safety Julian Love and he is good against the run too.

But teams that are great against the run have guys in the middle of the defensive line who can eat up blocks but also make a splash play somewhat consistently. Jones is potentially extremely disruptive rushing the passer. Reed is just solid against the run, but not elite. Are Reed and Jones capable of being better than the guys on the team last year? Of course.

But what if Jones repeats his numbers from the Broncos from the last few seasons? That means he is going to get about 6 sacks, 11 quarterback hits, and 9 tackles for loss. Those are decent numbers, but they also aren't much better than what Quinton Jefferson games the Seahawks in 2022. Jones needs to be a difference-maker, but is he truly capable of that?

As far as the linebackers, Devin Bush is still fast, even after suffering a knee injury in 2020. He is a great tackler and players don't get away from him when he has his hands on them. But he also has never had a higher run grade, per Pro Football Focus (subscription required), than in his rookie year of 2019 and that was 63.3. A solid number but nowhere near great. Plus, Bush isn't going to help much against the pass.

Finally, while Love is good against the run, do you really want him to be a standout there in the 2023 Seattle defense? If so, that could mean running backs are getting to the second level a lot against Seattle. That's not good and means a 5-yard or more carry and those are the kind that control the clock, dictate pace, and wear a defense down. Lastly, Seattle has no proven nose tackle at this point.