Top 3 reasons why Seattle Seahawks could underperform in 2023

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Reasons Seahawks underperform in 2023 No. 3: The corners might be overrated

Let me point out that in this entire article, I am not saying I think any of it will happen, only that it might. It's kind of like the ghost of Christmas yet to come. These are things that might happen and have just as much chance to occur as the opposite, but that Seattle players control their own destiny and the team could be great.

It is easy, though, to see Tariq Woolen and rookie Devon Witherspoon as a fantastic corner duo and they haven't proven that yet. Witherspoon has never played a down in the NFL after all, and in college it took him a few seasons to be truly elite. Woolen did have 6 interceptions in 2022, but he had 4 of those in the first six weeks. From Week 7 on, Woolen only had 2 picks in 11 games.

Teams also seemed to figure out that Woolen could be beat at times on crossing patterns when he appeared to miscommunicate with the rest of the secondary. Woolen is extremely athletic and is a bright guy, but breakdowns in the secondary get teams beat. He needs to learn from his miscues in 2022 and apply what he learned to 2023 and we aren't yet sure he can do that.

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Let's hope, though, that the corners are as good as hoped, the run defense is better because the tackling is much improved, and the offensive line gels quickly and remains consistently good. If with all that, Seattle will need some breaks to have a deep playoff run. But the talent is there, now Seattle just needs to execute.