Seattle Seahawks Week 2: The good news and the bad news

Sing it with me along with the sounds of Led Zeppelin, "Good times/bad times/But at least the Seahawks won."
Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK
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The Seahawks made a few really bad plays

I am a fan of Geno Smith, a big one. I am not a member of the Geno Haters club by any means, Overall, he was excellent on this day. In overtime, he connected on six of seven passes for three first downs and the winning touchdown. Obviously, he gets a passing grade, right 12s? In the first half, he took off on an ill-advised scramble that clearly wasn't going to move the chains, and the Seahawks had to punt. And then, what in the name of Fran Tarkenton was he doing on that last Hawks play in regulation? Don't worry, I'll explore that particular near-disaster in-depth soon.

Remember how the secondary was going to be the strength of this team? Yeah, I have some vague memory of that idea myself. There were moments in this game that I doubted my sanity for ever believing that. Jared Goff completed 28 of 35 passes for 323 yards and three touchdowns. As we saw last week, the Hawks often played too far off the receivers and repeatedly gave up big plays. Four different Lions had catches of over 20 yards, with two of those over 30. One of those was on flea flicker that baited the corner, releasing the receiver for an easy score. That has to be cleaned up.

Another major concern is the Seahawks' red zone scoring. The Hawks rolled up 184 yards in the first half, yet had just seven points to show for it. No, it doesn't help at all that Jason Myers missed a pair of field goals.

To be fair, the snap and hold were pretty sloppy on the first miss, while the second was a 56-yard attempt that just sailed wide left. The Hawks did well just to get into position to make the attempt with only 44 seconds on the clock. Two missed field goals and two punts: that's how you convert all those yards into just seven points.