Seattle Seahawks Week 2: The good news and the bad news

Sing it with me along with the sounds of Led Zeppelin, "Good times/bad times/But at least the Seahawks won."
Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK
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The good news is easy: the Seattle Seahawks won. That far supersedes any bad news, and there's much more than that simple fact. But I have to be honest, the bad news is an ongoing concern for Seattle's success this season.

Yes, the overriding good news is that the Seahawks won. Exactly how they won this game is even better news in my mind, as they had to come back to win. Even more importantly, they had to show up for the game. Clearly, the team didn't do that in the second half of last week's embarrassing loss to the Rams. So overcoming adversity, yes, that is good news indeed.

Frankly, while it would have made the lives of all 12s much easier had they won in a laugher, I'm glad that Seattle had to fight as hard as they did to win this game. Last week, they had no response at all to the Rams success in the second half. They started the game flat and finished with all the effervescence of a six-year-old keg of Natty Ice.

That was certainly not the case Sunday. Oh, they made plenty of mistakes, but they weren't just going through the motions as if they were running seven-on-seven drills on the hottest day of July, either. Yes, there's some bad news, but there was so much more good news to discuss.

Yes, the Seahawks had some bad news in this game

Let's just get this out of the way, shall we, 12s? I don't want to spend too much time running down anyone on the team after a big win - and trust me, this was a big win. Paul Taylor broke down exactly why a win in week two was actually so critical for a successful Seahawks season. So today's win was far more significant historically than one might think. Not only is it good mathiness, it's also good common sense. If you can't win one of your first two games, odds are you just aren't a very good team. Yes, there can be extenuating circumstances - like losing both of your starting tackles - but good teams win despite those issues.

That being said, the bad news was so bad that it nearly cost the Seahawks the game. Trust me, I'm quite certain that the players themselves are taking themselves to task much more harshly than I am. In every case, the guys who made some mistakes more than made up for them with big plays that helped drive the Hawks big win. Now if we can just remove some of these mistakes...