Seahawks would easily welcome Jamal Adams back but with a catch

Adams could return but not as a safety.
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Jamal Adams is still looking for a home for the 2024 season. He should not be hurting for money, though, as the Seattle Seahawks are still paying him nearly $21 million this coming season. He could take a year off and try to fully recover from all the injuries he has had over recent seasons and come back in 2025.

The drawback is that Adams would be another year older and closer to 30 years old in Week 1 of 2025 and that is only going to further hurt any contract demands he might have. He probably needs to play somewhere in 2024 and prove he is healthy enough to participate in most games. Since the beginning of the 2022 season, Adams has only played in 10 out of a possible 34 games.

The Seahawks are still reportedly entertaining bringing Adams back. New head coach Mike Macdonald and long-term general manager John Schneider have both said this offseason that the door is not closed to an Adams return. He does not appear to have a place in the secondary, however. He certainly would not be a cornerback and Seattle signed safeties K'Von Wallace and Rayshawn Jenkins this offseason to go with Julian Love. Love made the Pro Bowl with Seattle in 2023.

Seattle Seahawks are interested in bringing back Jamal Adams for one position spot

Instead, according to ESPN's Brady Henderson, Seattle would bring back Adams only as an inside linebacker. This seems iffy since Adams would be learning a new position and is undersized for the spot. Of course, the idea might be to play Adams only in obvious passing situations to use his once-elite ability to blitz. Adams has not had a sack since 2020, though.

He also would not be better in coverage than free agent signees Tyrel Dodson and Jerome Baker. Both of those players have shown they can be a good fit in Macdonald's defense since Macdonald requires his off-ball linebackers to excel in coverage and Dodson and Baker have for the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, respectively.

Since the Seahawks are already paying Adams so much in 2024, possibly the team can re-sign him for just north of the veteran minimum which is $840,000. That is if another team, such as the San Francisco 49ers, doesn't make a better offer. Either way, taking a chance on Jamal Adams at any position might be a wasted roster spot. He cannot stay healthy and a move to inside linebacker would not likely mean he doesn't get hurt again.

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