3 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks preseason Week 1 victory

The Seahawks defeated the Minnesota Vikings in their first preseason game of 2023.
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Winner No. 1 - Seahawks should let Drew Lock stick around longer

Drew Lock has to be asking himself if maybe once this preseason he can actually play with the presumed 1s on offense. Lock isn't a bad quarterback with the right coaching. He has shown that through parts of two preseasons in Seattle. But to begin Thursday, he was under a lot of pressure because the Vikings had some of their starters playing along its defensive line and Seattle had Evan Brown at center and then a lot of backups.

To be fair, left tackle Stone Forsythe looked really bad. Maybe he could be a decent backup at right tackle, but if Charles Cross goes down (and please, no) then let's just hope Forsythe doesn't have to play long-term in place of Cross. I bring Forsythe up because he was one of the issues Lock had to deal with at the beginning of the game.

But Lock continues to show he has enough athleticism to move around the pocket and avoid sacks at times. In fact, Lock managed to get sacked just once which is almost a minor miracle. Also, it must be noted that Lock did have a bad interception in the third quarter. Sure, he was under pressure and the ball appeared to get tipped a bit, but the ball should have never been thrown as Lock didn't seem to see the Vikings defender who picked the ball off.

But Lock came right back and a drive and a half later (the first drive attempt ended, Seattle punted, but the fumble was muffed and the Seahawks took back over) led the team to a touchdown. In the first half, Lock through a laser of a throw to Winston for Seattle's first points and Lock proved again he has an NFL arm.

Maybe Lock is nowhere near as good as Geno Smith, but Lock playing with the 1s (for once!) might make Lock look even better. He deserves to do that at least once this preseason, right?