3 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks in preseason Week 2 win

The Seahawks defeated the Cowboys in preseason Week 2 but more importantly some guys stood out, for better or worse.
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Loser No. 1 - Seahawks CB Mike Jackson gave up three important completions early

I like Mike Jackson, and I think he was really good in 2022. His quarterback rating allowed was just 75.8. He was also a good tackler. But Jackson will be a lot more scrutinized if he starts in 2023 because the Seahawks chose cornerback Devon Witherspoon with the fifth overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft and most 12s hopes Witherspoon start at one outside corner spot opposite Riq Woolen.

Jackson appears to have the inside track at that spot, however. Head coach Pete Carroll has basically said that Witherspoon, once he is fully healthy from a hamstring injury, will start in the slot with Woolen and likely Jackson on the outside. But Mike Jackson not only didn't look starter-worthy in the first half against the Dallas Cowboys but he looked like a liability.

Jackson gave up a 36-yard completion on third down, a fourth down completion, and another completion on 3rd and long. These were all given up to Jalen Tolbert who has only 2 catches in his career so far. Tolbert looked like a young Jerry Rice when going up against Jackson, sadly. Maybe Jackson just wasn't trying to press coverage, but that would make little sense.

Many people might think that Tre Brown might also have a shot at starting at one corner opposite Riq Woolen. While Brown can tackle pretty well, we haven't be consistently good in coverage due to injuries. Jackson likely still has the inside track on starting. And head coach Pete Carroll has been very clear that once rookie Devon Witherspoon is healthy enough to play again, Witherspoon will be in the slot and not at Jackson's spot.