3 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks in preseason Week 2 win

The Seahawks defeated the Cowboys in preseason Week 2 but more importantly some guys stood out, for better or worse.
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Winner No. 2 - Seahawks edge rusher Levi Bell will do anything needed

Levi Bell sure is fun to watch, and he has some real power. On several snaps when he was lined up on the edge, he simply drove his would-be blocker backwards. He's got NFL strength, and he definitely has some quickness as well. He just doesn't have height as he is about 6-feet tall. This is extremely short for an NFL defensive end.

But Bell also clearly will do anything the Seahawks ask in his attempt to make the roster. On a touchdown run by SaRodorick Thompson, Jr., in the second quarter against Dallas, Bell even lined up in the backfield to help block. Thompson ended up running behind Bell's block as Bell had moved his man out wider leaving a pretty decent gap for Thompson to run through. (Thompson looked really good on Saturday as well, it should be noted.)

Bell isn't going to make the roster by being an offensive lineman, of course, but one way to endure oneself to a coaching staff is to fit in where asked and being successful doing so. The block alone showed the kind of lower body strength Bell has and he has shown through two preseason games that he can sustain a pretty decent pass rush while also playing the run pretty well.

What Bell isn't getting, however, is a chance to show his talents against first-teamers. What he has accomplished versus the Vikings and Cowboys has been against backups. Maybe Bell could start against the Green Bay Packers in the Seahawks last preseason game and prove himself again. If nothing else, he should make the practice squad.

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