4 winners and losers from the Seattle Seahawks Week 1 loss to Rams

The Seahawks begin 2023 0-1 with a loss to LA and some players were less equal than others.
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Loser No. 2 - Seahawks cornerback Tre Brown

Tre Brown got the start in Week 1 over Michael Jackson and as it turns out, neither player was very good against the Rams. Jackson was the 13th-best (8th-worst) graded defender for Seattle, per Pro Football Focus (subscription required) against the Rams. This was only because he graded well in tackling but was poor in every other field. The problem was that he was still three spots higher than Tre Brown.

Brown didn't receive a PFF grade anywhere close to acceptable. Brown was targeted 4 times in coverage and 3 of the passes were completed for 72 yards (24 yards per completion average) with a long of 44 yards. That's, um...really bad. Jackson only allowed 1 completion (of course that was the only time he was targeted, so...). Jackson played 21 snaps versus Brown's 61.

Brown also allowed 21 yards after the catch. The problem was that Tre Brown looked a lot better than Michael Jackson in the preseason and Brown deserved to get the start in Week 1. Now it seems like neither is a sustainably good cornerback moving forward. And if you think once Devon Witherspoon gets healthy that Seattle can just stick him in at outside corner, Witherspoon is expected to start at slot corner where Coby Bryant (in Week 1) was the lowest-graded defensive player for Seattle.

Should Tre Brown start again in Week 2? Sure! Why not. It's not like Seattle has any better option at this point based on what we saw against the Rams, sadly.