4 winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks Week 2 victory over the Lions

  • The QB is really good
  • A corner slides
  • An underrated WR proves himself yet again
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Seahawks winner No. 3 - Wide receiver Tyler Lockett

Is Tyler Lockett the most underrated wide receiver in the NFL? I am going to go ahead and answer the question for you. Yes. Yes, he is. He's had four straight 1,000-yard receiving seasons and never enters the discussion of whether he is a top-ten receiver in the NFL, while many 12s know he is likely the best receiver the Seahawks have.

That's no disrespect to Metcalf. I am happy that both Metcalf and Lockett play for Seattle. But if Seattle must have one pass completed then that throw should go toward Lockett. He has incredible hands, runs great routes, and is quick enough at the line of scrimmage to get up early. In fact, Lockett is so consistently good that he probably forced Smith into an errant throw that the referees stupidly called intentional grounding in Week 2. Geno Smith checked off, and while the rest of the offense seemed to know what was going on, Lockett didn't and ran an out-route instead of the go-pattern that Smith threw.

Still, Lockett did Lockett things in Week 2. He led the team with 8 catches. He also had 59 yards receiving, but more importantly had 2 touchdown catches, including the touchdown catch that ended the game where he caught the ball, turned, and then stretched out and hit the goal post. It was a brilliant play.

Maybe Tyler Lockett will one day get more respect. That would happen if he was 6'3" and 210 pounds or mouths off a lot. But he is a humble guy and smaller in stature so he doesn't get his due. That's OK for Seahawks fans because Lockett just keeps being quietly ultra-productive. But for Lockett the player, he deserves more national love.

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