3 worst contracts on the Seattle Seahawks 2023 roster

The three players on this list need to be very productive to be worthy of their bloated contracts.
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No. 1 - Seahawks receiver Dee Eskridge

D'Wayne Eskridge isn't that expensive of a player to keep on the roster really, but he still accounts for a cap hit of $1,623,683. His dead cap, if released, is $844,910. That also isn't a lot of money, but it could be enough money to pick up a veteran nose guard after final roster cuts are made by all NFL teams before Week 1 of the 2023 season. If not entirely paying for the veteran NT, that's almost a million dollars that Seattle would free up to spend on a player who is more likely to contribute than Eskridge is.

Some reports have said Geno Smith expects a revitalized Dee Eskridge this year. The quarterback should know how well a receiver is playing, too, so maybe Smith isn't just hoping for a better Eskridge, but he sees proof in the time the two have spent in minicamp together. We will see if Smith still feels the same throughout training camp. (Here's hoping!)

Eskridge has either been injured and not playing, injured and playing but not being productive, or healthy and playing and still not being productive. Part of Eskridge's issue is maybe he just isn't a good fit for the offense for some reason. Offensive coordinator Shane Waldron seems content to try to force using Eskridge on jet sweeps more than a deep route threat, even though Eskridge appears to have good speed.

Maybe this will be the year it all turns around for Eskridge and he becomes a decent WR4, because after Seattle drafted Jaxon Smith-Njigba in the first round in 2023, WR4 is what Eskridge has been relegated to at best. Maybe Eskridge just needed to learn how to run routes better or overcome injury better. Either way, he hasn't earned whatever he's been paid yet.

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