3 worst contracts on the Seattle Seahawks 2023 roster

The three players on this list need to be very productive to be worthy of their bloated contracts.
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No. 2 - Seahawks tight end Will Dissly

Like with Adams, I am a fan of Dissly's. He works his butt off and does everyone the Seahawks ask him to do as well as he can do it. But the problem is that Will Dissly is ultimately a limited player. His contract pays him $9,190,000 which is the seventh-highest among all NFL tight ends and Dissly is not the seventh-best tight end in the league. He likely isn't the best tight end on his own team. That might be Noah Fant.

Per Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Dissly was the 15th-highest graded TE in 2022. That isn't bad but his overall grade of 70.8 is by far his best since 2019. He did catch a career-high 34 passes (out of 38 targets which is incredible) and 349 yards, but most of his production came before Week 7. He also missed the final two games of the regular season and the playoff game.

I love having Will Dissly on the Seattle Seahawks. It is nearly impossible to dislike or not respect the guy, but Seattle did a weird deal with him prior to the 2022 season. Dissly was extended for three years and $24 million with the majority of his contract being full guaranteed. For a player who is an excellent blocker but doesn't do much when it comes to receiving and has an injury history, guaranteeing that much money was strange.

Dissly will rank eighth on the Seahawks in terms of his cap hit on the team in 2023. He is an excellent voice in the locker room and he also leads by example, but his contract is just too high. That said, I hope he has 55 catches for 700 yards and 10 touchdown this year.