5 worst Seattle Seahawks draft picks under Pete Carroll and John Schneider

While Pete Carroll and John Schneider have had some excellent drafts, they also whiffed on these five players.
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No. 3 - Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman L.J. Collier (2019)

Talk about a guy who doesn't seem as if he could accept coaching, something must have happened with L.J. Collier in the offseason before the 2021 season because Collier went from starting every single game of 2020 to being a healthy scratch for most of the games in the first half of 2021. To be fair to Seattle's coaching staff, even when Collier started al of those game in 2020, he didn't really produce that much.

By far his most productive season, Collier still only had 3 sacks, 4 tackles for loss, and 7 quarterback hits in 560 snaps in 2020. His Pro Football Focus (subscription required) reflected that as well as Collier received poor grades across the board. He wasn't good against the run, and wasn't much better rushing the passer. Seattle took him in the first round of 2019 probably hoping he could be the next Michael Bennett. He wasn't.

2019 was a weird draft for the Seahawks. Their top two picks, Blair and Collier, were busts. But their third pick (the last pick in the second round) was DK Metcalf who, of course, is among the better receivers in the NFL. Seattle also chose Phil Haynes in the fourth round and Haynes might end up being the starter at right guard in 2023.

For Collier, his fifth-year option was rightfully not picked up by the Seahawks for 2023, and he left in free agency and signed with the Arizona Cardinals on a one-year, $1,232,500 deal. That's a pretty far fall for a guy who was once a first-round choice.