5 worst Seattle Seahawks draft picks under Pete Carroll and John Schneider

While Pete Carroll and John Schneider have had some excellent drafts, they also whiffed on these five players.
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No. 2 - Seattle Seahawks receiver D'Wayne (Dee) Eskridge (2021)

Of the players on this list, Eskridge is the one guy that is still currently on the Seahawks roster. He might end up being great one day, and that would come after I recently wrote an article saying how Seattle should release him. If he does become a very productive player, feel free to direct your social media toward me and say, "Lee, you're still an idiot!" Because I still hope I am wrong about Eskridge.

But while Eskridge hasn't yet done much of anything for Seattle in two seasons, his third year is somehow starting off even worse. After an acknowledged domestic issue this offseason, Eskridge will be suspended for the first six games of the 2023 season. Eskridge was already in a battle for a WR4 spot - not even in the top three - and his suspension is clearly not going to help him in terms of playing time or how he is viewed by 12s everywhere.

Eskridge was Seattle's first pick in the 2021 NFL draft. He was chosen in the second round and 56th overall. While that's not a massively high choice, that Seattle took him with the team's first pick obviously means the team saw something of Eskridge in college where they thought he could be productive as a pro. He hasn't been at all.

In his two seasons, he's missed 14 of a possible 34 games. It might seem as if Eskridge has missed more but that's only because he is basically invisible when he is on the field. In the 20 games he has played, Eskridge has just 17 catches for 122 yards and he has rushed the ball 6 times for 69 yards. He has the speed to be a downfield threat, but not the route-running ability, it seems.

Eskridge stands out even more as a draft bust because Seattle only had three picks in the 2021 draft and with the way Eskridge has played the team might as well have had just two choices.