Seattle Seahawks: 5 pressing questions on the lips of the 12s ahead of Week 11

Seattle needs to find the answers to these five questions for Week 11 and beyond.
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Three position groups the Seahawks must address

Which three position groups have to be addressed this offseason?

Interior defensive line. We've written on this site that Dre'Mont Jones has been a bigger disappointment than his jersey size. He hasn't been bad, but his play in no way justifies his contract; as you said, it's the biggest FA signing from another team in the Carroll-Schneider era. That performance per dollar issue strikes again.

Hopefully, sliding him to the edge is the answer, but it's too soon to tell. Jarran Reed has been very good, although as you said he's dropped off lately, and Mario Edwards has played better than I expected. Mike Morris looked like a future starter for sure in his one game, but it was still one game, and we don't know for certain how he'll play next season. Seattle has no Pro Bowlers on that line, and that needs to change.

Safety. As you addressed in other articles, Quandre Diggs has taken a step back this season across the board, and the Hawks would save, what, $11 M in cap space by cutting him? I hate it, as he's still a good player and an awesome Seahawk, but the bottom line is performance per dollar. And he's not at that top echelon anymore. Julian Love hasn't shown enough to convince me he's the answer, either. Plus the Seahawks want to play a lot of three safety sets. Maybe Coby Bryant is that third guy, maybe Jerrick Reed II. But we aren't close to knowing that. So, it needs to be addressed. 

Quarterback. That really doesn't need any explanation. But I will anyway, briefly. I hope that Geno Smith's game against the Commanders shows that he's bounced back, but even then, Seattle had to settle for four field goals when drives stalled. They were still terrible on third down. As much as I like Smith, as much as the detractors blindly call for Drew Lock to start with zero evidence he'd be better, The Seahawks need to figure this out. Smith's play through week 18 will give them one answer, at least. 

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