Four Seattle Seahawks who have already earned contract extensions

Getting these players extended would help Seattle's cap room as well.

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Check your blood pressure now, 12s. I'm looking at number 27

Ready for a little controversy, 12s? I know you're up for it. So, here's the first name that's going to raise a few eyebrows, along with some blood pressure. Yes, I think the Seahawks need to extend Riq Woolen's contract this year. Yep, I am well aware he has two years left on his rookie deal. I am also well aware that his 2023 season wasn't exactly as successful as his 2022 campaign. That's all the more reason to get that ink dry now because Riq will be back in a big way.

As I said, I'm aware that the Riq Woolen of 2023 didn't have the same numbers as the rookie sensation of 2022, Tariq Woolen. His pass defenses dropped from 16 to 11, his interceptions dropped from six to two, and his missed tackle percentage nearly doubled, from a solid 7.4 percent to a fairly abhorrent 14.5 percent. According to, the source of all of the previous stats, his passer rating allowed shot up from a stellar 48.7 as a rookie to a sophomore slump of 79.8.

As we've noted before many times, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. No, Mark Twain didn't coin that phrase, but I'm not doing all the legwork around here; go down the rabbit hole yourself. Back on topic: looking at those same statistics, Devon Witherspoon had one interception - albeit a spectacular one at that - and broke up 16 passes. Spoon actually allowed a slightly higher percentage of pass completions, 58.3 percent to Riq's 57.7. Witherspoon's passer rating allowed was significantly higher as well, at 87.9.

No, I'm not arguing that Woolen had a better year than Witherspoon. I'm not going the Eddie Lacy route again, not ever. Witherspoon was terrific in run support and gave the Seahawks a much-needed boost to their pass rush as well. Riq Woolen was missing in action on both counts there. I suspect Lee Vowell was correct when he surmised that Woolen was shying from contact this past season. If Woolen continues that trend in camp, Seattle can proceed with his contract as is. With the rest and rehab he'll get this offseason, I picture Riq Woolen will return to his rookie form. As with Mafe, the time to renegotiate his deal will be obvious before the season starts.