Four Seattle Seahawks who have already earned contract extensions

Getting these players extended would help Seattle's cap room as well.
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Time for the Seahawks to break the bank a little, rather than blow it up

DK Metcalf is going to make some serious money on his next contract. There can't be any doubt about that. Like Mafe and Woolen, Metcalf's current deal won't expire until after the 2025 season. Unlike those two players, DK isn't on his rookie deal. His current contract, a three-year deal inked before this past season, kept him in Seattle for three years and $72 million. That's a bit of an increase over his rookie deal of four years for a bit under $4.6 million. Per, $58 million of his current contract is guaranteed, and he received a $30 million signing bonus.

It should be obvious that Metcalf will command even bigger dollars in his next deal. According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), he was the 19th-ranked wide receiver in the league last year. For what it's worth, Tyler Lockett was ranked 28th, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba was 94th. Metcalf was rated ahead of notables like DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper, and Stefon Diggs. Metcalf was actually ranked lower in 2022, at 25th among wideouts. It's probably no surprise that Tyreek Hill was ranked first in both years, right?

As for Metcalf, he showed some pretty remarkable stats last year, especially since it didn't seem to be a particularly outstanding season - at least not by his standards. He set career highs in yards per catch at 16.9, with both yards before and after the catch setting career highs as well. Yes, he still drops the ball too much, but not everyone can be Jake Bobo. The biggest flaw in Metcalf's game last year didn't have anything to do with playing the game, though. Yes, you know all about those penalties.

I like, most 12s, have called out Metcalf in the past for his penchant for committing the most egregious penalties repeatedly throughout his career. For the Cardinals fan who wandered in by mistake, that means he did bad things a lot. Well, a miracle happened. Pete Carroll said for years - yes literally for years - that he and DK had conversations about his penalties. Metcalf defiantly said that he wasn't going to change how he played. That week, for the first time in his career, he had an injury so severe that he couldn't suit up for the Seahawks. When he returned the following week, his demeanor was markedly different. Again, for the Cards fan - that means he played nice.

Yes, Metcalf got tossed from the second game against the Niners, but we all saw what happened. Only the bumbling meatsacks the NFL refers to as officials could miss that Fred Warner instigated the play. As RGIII accurately described the action:

Metcalf cleaned up the stupid penalties after his "injury" timeout. I don't see Mike Macdonald putting up with any recurrence of those acts, ever. So now we're left with the prospect of DK Metcalf in the hands of an actual offensive coordinator in the person of Ryan Grubb, as opposed to whatever it was that Shane Waldron was trying to do. Personally, I'll sign up for five years of that instead of just two. After two years of flying in Grubb's offense, Metcalf's price tag will be higher than his goalpost dunks.

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