Seattle Seahawks: 3 bold predictions for Week 9 include a Geno Smith meltdown

  • Geno Smith doesn't play well
  • Lamar Jackson runs well
  • A prediction for who wins
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Lamar Jackson runs for 140 yards and 2 touchdowns

It's easy to see the nightmare playing out. That partly stems from Arizona Cardinals backup quarterback Joshua Dobbs - and Dobbs wasn't even good enough to hold on to the starting spot in Arizona for half a season as the team traded him to the Minnesota Vikings this week - running 25 yards with ease for a touchdown against the Seahawks in Week 7. Dobbs finished with 43 yards rushing on 7 carries against Seattle.

And Lamar Jackson is a completely different breed of cat, or, well...bird, than Dobbs. Jackson runs well and is a threat with his arm. He isn't only capable of giving the Seahawks issues, but he could give any NFL team problems, at least in the regular season. Jackson is third in the league in completion percentage (70.5), seventh in quarterback rating (101.0), and has the second-lowest interception percentage (1.3).

He used to be more of a runner than a passer, but those times have changed. Jackson is having his best season in the league throwing the ball, but he hasn't lost anything running. If teams cannot hold containment, he will take off for huge gains. Does Seattle have the players to contain Jackson while also maintaining coverage discipline? We don't know that yet.

I think Jackson has a big day running the ball and has a couple of 35-yard-plus scampers. But I also think Seattle limits him through the air. While Jackson will have his moments, ultimately Seattle has a fairly successful day defensively.