How Seattle Seahawks' decision about Geno Smith could affect the 2024 NFL draft

Does keeping Smith mean he will continue to be the Seahawks quarterback going forward?

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The Seattle Seahawks picked up the $12.7 million owed to Geno Smith for the base salary part of his contract. This means the money is now fully guaranteed, as opposed to being just injury-guaranteed. The only way Smith would not be on the Seahawks roster in 2024 would be if Seattle were to trade him, it appears.

Geno Smith has had success in Seattle the past two seasons and has proven to be a capable starting QB. Although there is a considerable amount of intrigue as to what the Seahawks will do in this year's draft at QB, for now, Smith is expected to be Seattle's starting QB in 2024. The Seahawks may have decided to keep Smith because they do have other positions they need to address in the draft on both sides of the ball.

However, there is sure to be interest in bringing either Michael Penix Jr. or J.J. McCarthy to Seattle in this year's draft since they played for two different Seattle coaches, Ryan Grubb and Mike Macdonald. Penix played for Grubb at Washington and McCarthy played for Mike Macdonald at Michigan. Each of these young QBs is expected to go early in this year's draft. How early they go could determine whether Seattle takes either one of them.

Seattle Seahawks might still find Geno Smith's replacement in the 2024 NFL draft

The Seahawks have not used a first-round pick on a QB since 1993 when they selected Rick Mirer from Notre Dame. McCarthy and Penix could be selected as high as the first round, but some draft experts believe either one could be selected on Day Two of the draft. The hype on this year's QB class has been high, with draft expert Joel Klatt projecting as many as six QBs taken in the first round. Whether that many QBs are selected in the first round will not be known until April when the draft occurs.

With less draft capital this year for Seattle, due to a trade that sent their second-round pick to the New York Giants, the Seahawks could be inclined to use their picks on other needs than QB. Having the luxury of Geno Smith as a starting QB on a team-friendly contract is a big plus. Since the Seahawks already have Geno, drafting a QB is not a necessity. This means they can use the picks they do have to address positions such as both guard spots, center, nose tackle, tight end, linebacker, and safety.

What the Seahawks decide to do in the draft now that Geno is back under contract for 2024 will be interesting. They still could choose to take a QB and have them learn behind Geno. The benefit of having Geno already on the roster, is the Seahawks do not necessarily have to use a first-round draft choice on a QB. Given past precedent, Seattle has often steered clear of taking quarterbacks in the first round. With the decision to keep Geno, bucking that trend would be surprising.

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