4 Seattle Seahawks dream targets in 2024 free agency

While the Seattle Seahawks embark on a journey to find a new head coach, we put on our general manager cap and evaluate four dream free agent targets.
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Seattle Seahawks dream target No. 1: DL Chris Jones

For a team that has been struggling with putting together the interior of their defensive line, Chris Jones would be a dream signing for the Seattle Seahawks. This may seem unrealistic for a multitude of reasons. First, being the price tag that would be associated with signing this caliber of a player. An argument can be made that Chris Jones has been the best interior defensive player in the NFL over the last few seasons. And yes, that includes ranking him above Aaron Donald.

Given the fact that Chris Jones can get franchised tagged by Kansas City (which would be roughly $33M), it would be fair to assume whoever signed him, would give him a deal north of $30M/per year. Based on Seattle's current cap, that seems unlikely. Secondly, based on how Seattle has operated over recent years in free agent spending, it would be very unlike them to offer this big a deal to a free agent. They broke that rule last year when signing DT Dre'Mont Jones to a 3-year, $51M deal.

This makes me think they wouldn't do that again based on the production Jones had. Nonetheless, Jones is under contract for two more seasons, Jarran Reed will be back next year and after giving up a 2nd-round pick for Leonard Williams, I'm guessing they will try to bring him back. On top of all of that, I'd have a hard time imagining Kansas City letting Jones walk. Or, if they let him walk since he is getting older, I'd imagine another team that is more desperate than Seattle will swoop in.

But, in the rare event they did and Seattle were somehow able to create all this cap space that would allow them to sign Jones and address other positions of need, their defense immediately gets better. The double teams he evades and attracts allow others to get one-on-one opportunities. More importantly, he shows up when he's needed most. Since 2018, he's had at least 7.5 sacks in each season, been named to 5 All-Pro teams, and won two Super Bowls. A true difference maker.