3 Seattle Seahawks free agents who could be forced into retirement

These players might not find homes anywhere.

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The Seattle Seahawks have to be extra picky about what they do in free agency this offseason. The team can create a bit of money, but some of that will go to signing draft picks and some will go toward signing players to the practice squad. But Seattle has position needs that have to be addressed as well.

If Seattle releases players such as wide receiver Tyler Lockett and safety Quandre Diggs, they will likely find teams that want to sign them. Watching Lockett play for another team would be terrible, though. Maybe Seattle can work out an extension with him and save some money that way.

But a few Seattle free agents might not find homes elsewhere. Not bringing them back could force those players into early retirement. The last player on this list is a fan favorite, however.

Seattle Seahawks right guard Phil Haynes might not find a home

Haynes is not old as he is just 28 years old, but that is not young for an offensive guard who has never proven he can stay consistently healthy to be counted on to play most of a season for consecutive years. What team, other than what Seattle has done with Haynes, wants to take up a roster spot with a player they think they may not be able to count on?

Moreover, what team would want to hire an offensive lineman they likely assume will only be a backup but one that might not be that good when he does play? In 2023, Haynes played on 299 pass-block snaps and allowed 5 sacks and 12 total pressures. In 2022, he played on 300 pass-block snaps and allowed 4 sacks but 18 total pressures. The rub is that according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Haynes still graded better (though not well) as a pass-blocker than a run-blocker.

Haynes has also had just one year in which he was able to appear in double-digit games. That was in 2022, but Haynes started just three of those games. In every other season, Haynes has played in eight games or fewer and only eight combined between 2019 and 2021. Now that Pete Carroll is no longer with the team, Seattle should have no allegiance to keep Haynes and no other team might want him either.