3 Seattle Seahawks free agents who could be forced into retirement

These players might not find homes anywhere.

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Bobby Wagner might be too old for some teams

This one is tough. There is no doubt that Wagner can still be a very good linebacker in the league. He was named Second-Team All-Pro this season and led the NFL in combined tackles. If he wants to continue playing, though, that might not be in Seattle. The reason is that Mike Macdonald might want to do a bit of a re-set with his defense and get younger and that would mean the soon-to-be 34-year-old Wagner doesn't come back.

The question for Wagner is if he wants to keep playing. He likely has made enough money during his career to live comfortably for the rest of his life. But most athletes have a difficult time stopping playing a sport they have played since childhood, especially those who are still good at what they do.

Wagner may want to keep playing but does he want to start over with a new team again, unless he re-signs with the Los Angeles Rams? That is something no 12 probably wants to see.

If Wagner does not want to play for any team other than the Seahawks, he might not play. Seattle, even with the extra cap room because of the higher salary cap this offseason, is still tight against the cap. Seattle could not pay Wagner the $7 million he made this past season. Plus, some of the money not spent on Wagner could go to a linebacker such as Patrick Queen who played for Macdonald with the Baltimore Ravens. Queen is much younger than Wagner and would be the green dot on Seattle's defense.

Seeing Wagner leave again would not be fun. But he also might be too old for Seattle to bring back. This is especially true as the Seahawks are unlikely to be able to pay Wagner what he is worth.

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