Seattle Seahawks 2024 Mock Draft: NFL Combine edition

Despite a new head coach in place for the first time in 14 years, I expect the Seattle Seahawks to address this draft with the same intentions as those of years past.
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The 2023 NFL season did not go as planned for the Seattle Seahawks. Although many did not have Super Bowl aspirations for this young roster, they were expected to take a step forward after a surprising 2022 season. Even though they finished with the same record as the previous season (9-8), the decisions that followed were extremely different.

Despite the rumors heading into Week 18 of the 2023 season finale, not many expected Pete Carroll to step down from coaching. The 72-year-old was as energetic as ever this past season, showing no signs of age or retirement. However, Jody Allen and company decided to make a franchise-altering move when they ultimately fired Pete Carroll.

In spite of the fact that the franchise's winningest head coach was continuing to stack winning seasons, the poor defensive play over recent years had many feeling this organization was stagnant. Could some of the outside noise have crept into this decision? Possibly. But, the result of what followed should have 12s excited about what's to come.

Seattle Seahawks mock draft includes players to watch at the 2024 NFL Combine

From the oldest coach to youngest, Mike Macdonald will be taking over a Seahawks team that is expecting a defensive turnaround, given the success shown in Baltimore over the last two seasons. The common denominator in the past and present is John Schneider. Who, by the way, was elevated into the General Manager position, with the final say on all personnel decisions and staff hiring.

I say that to say whatever culture Macdonald will be looking to install in Seattle for 2024, the draft philosophy will remain the same. As alluded to last year, Schneider mentioned post-draft that all the players they selected had an axe or hammer next to their name on the draft board. Indicating a hard-nosed player with a chip on their shoulder.

In this mock draft, which I computed through Pro Football Network's draft simulator, I have the Seattle Seahawks using that same principle as they attempt to bridge the gap between them, the San Francisco 49ers, the Los Angeles Rams, and the rest of the contenders in the NFC.